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Author Muriel Gillick discusses “The Caregiver’s Encyclopedia"
Muriel Gillick, author of The Caregiver’s Encyclopedia: A Compassionate Guide to Caring for Older Adults, summarizes the uses of her helpful book for two different audiences: family caregivers, and physicians. Watch the videos on YouTube at the following links...
Caregivers Are The Key
As a geriatric and palliative care physician, I have provided medical care to many patients in their homes. They are typically very sick: some of them are frail, some suffer from dementia, a number are approaching the end of life. They have spent time in...
Birth and Death in an Ethical Upside Down
The plot of the hit show Stranger Things revolves around another dimension, the Upside Down, where people’s thoughts and behaviors are controlled by an organism known as the Mind Flayer. When the Mind Flayer crosses into our world, it upends the moral...