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A Mother's Day Collection

A young girl reads a book with her mother.

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration of motherhood’s immense value. In honor of this holiday, Hopkins Press has compiled a list of journal articles encompassing the many facets of motherhood: historical accounts of motherhood, poets’ commemorations of their mothers, discussions of the impacts of political circumstances on motherhood, motherhood in the academy, and more. The scholarship below has been made freely available through the month of May.  

Seeking Perfect Motherhood: Women, Medicine, and Libraries
Rima D. Apple 
Library Trends 
Volume 60, Number 4, Spring 2012

Babies in Baskets: Motherhood, Tourism, and American Identity in Baby Shows, 1916-1949
Mary Klann 
Journal of Women’s History 
Volume 29, Number 2, Summer 2017

Brooklyn Walk-Up
Michael Waters 
The Hopkins Review 
Volume 14, Number 1, Winter 2021

A Mother Who Leaves is a Mother Who Loves: Labor Migration as Part of the Filipina Life Course and Migration
Valerie Frachesco-Menchavez 
Journal of Asian American Studies 
Volume 22, Number 1, February 2019

Black Maternal Aesthetics
Jennifer C. Nash  
Theory & Event 
Volume 22, Number 3, July 2019

Lectures, Evaluations, and Diapers: Navigating the Terrains of Chicana Single Motherhood in the Academy
Michelle Téllez 
Feminist Formations 
Volume 25, Issue 3, Winter 2013

A Narrative of Fear: Advice to Mothers
Berit Åström 
Literature and Medicine 
Volume 33, Number 1, Spring 2015

Seals, Selfies, and the Settler State: Indigenous Motherhood and Gendered Violence in Canada
Elizabeth Rule 
American Quarterly 
Volume 70, Number 4, December 2018

"The Mamas Were Ripe": Ideologies of Motherhood and Public Resistance in a South African Township
Judith Stevenson 
Feminist Formations 
Volume 23, Issue 2, Summer 2011

Alena Hairston 
Volume 36, Number 2, Spring 2013

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