A conversation with Rob Shumaker and Carl Jones

A conversation with Rob Shumaker and Carl Jones

Joining the JHU Press Podcast today are Dr. Rob Shumaker and Professor Carl Jones.

Dr. Rob Shumaker is an evolutionary biologist who currently serves at the President and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo.
Professor Carl Jones is a global hero whose innovative techniques have saved numerous species from extinction and shaped the future of the conservation world. Having spent the majority of his career on Mauritius — an island nation in the Indian Ocean — he has pioneered ways to conserve the island’s wildlife and ecosystems.
When Carl landed in Mauritius more than 40 years ago, there were only four Mauritius kestrels left — they were the world’s rarest bird at the time. He spent the next decade restoring the kestrel population, and now there are more than 400 in the wild. But the work didn’t end with kestrels. He has led the recovery efforts for nearly a dozen of the nation’s other wildlife, spanning birds, reptiles and mammals.

In 2016, Carl was awarded the Indianapolis Prize, often dubbed the “Nobel prize” of conservationism. The Indianapolis Prize is a biennial prize awarded by the Indianapolis Zoo to individuals for "extraordinary contributions to conservation efforts" affecting one or more animal species.

Saving Endangered Species: Lessons in Wildlife Conservation from Indianapolis Prize Winners is a new book edited by Rob Shumaker and published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Carl Jones is among the Indianapolis Prize winners who contributed to the book, sharing their stories of conservation work.

Recently, Rob sat down with his friend Carl to catch up and hear more about the incredible work he has done - and how much there is left to do - in saving the earth's wildlife.

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