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HFS: A mission-driven distributor for mission-driven publishers

What We Do

Our customer service is tailored to the needs of academic publishers. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and we work with each of our clients to help develop and grow their publishing programs. We build partnerships with our clients.

As part of the Johns Hopkins University Press family, HFS is forward-thinking. We listen and we change. We know publishing is not a static industry and we continue to morph our services and business model to industry and technology changes. Our role is facilitating sales, easing back-office work, and enabling our clients to focus on publishing.

HFS’s approach is as community-based as it is business-based. We are members of the university press community and we work within our community through service and advocacy. We know how to meet the complex needs of university press publishers because we are a university press publisher.

"Not only is fulfillment with HFS reasonably priced, but their day-to-day customer service is fantastic."—Teresa Wells Collins, Production & Fulfillment Manager, University Press of Kentucky

The Allbooks Title Management System

Who’s going to enter all that data?

For starters, we will. We’ll get you up and running with expert field mapping and data migration from your existing database. We’ll also set up a daily data feed from your ERP system to bring in sales figures and related information. After that, data entry is simple and intuitive, and what you enter flows naturally from one department to the next with no need for duplicate entry.

To host or not to host?

Publishers using FileMaker often choose to purchase client and server software and let their parent institution’s IT department (or a power user) handle maintenance and backups. You can do this with Allbooks, as many presses still do. Or, for an additional fee, let us host it for you. Either way you’ll have access to one of the most powerful desktop database systems available today.

What does all of this cost?

Developed at a nonprofit for nonprofits, Allbooks is available at a fraction of the cost of commercial title management systems. Allbooks is only available for license to HFS clients.  Please contact us today, and learn what your data can do for you.

"I love Allbooks! It captures all of the metadata that we throw at it and makes creating ONIX files a breeze."—Yvonne Crevier, Business Manager, University of Massachusetts Press

Preview Allbooks

Watch a video of selected Allbooks features.

Allbooks Training

Download Allbooks Data Dictionary

Session 1: Filemaker Basics

Session 2: Navigating and Viewing Data

Session 3: ONIX

Session 4: Transmanager

Join us. You'll be in good company. For more information on HFS and Allbooks, contact Davida Breier today

Publishing Partners

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Maryland Historical Society
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Northeastern University
The University Press of Kentucky
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Allbooks Clients

American Psychiatric Association Publishing
Baylor University Press
Catholic University of America Press
Cornell University Press
Georgetown University Press
Indiana University Press
The MIT Press
Modern Language Association
RAND Corporation
The University of Virginia Press
The University Press of Kentucky
University of South Carolina Press
University of Washington Press
Wesleyan University Press