U.S. Exam/Desk Copy Requests

Exam Copy Requests

Print Exam Copies

Hopkins Press is happy to provide exam copies to instructors interested in using a book for their courses.  Hardcover and paperback exam copies are available for our U.S. professors, and instructions on receiving your desired exam copy are below.


Available Books

Hopkins Press currently has over three thousand books available for instructors to request.  A list of available books can be found at the link below. 

Available Book List

Cost of Exam Copies and How To Purchase

Exam copies are available to instructors from US colleges, universities, and higher education institutions for a nominal fee plus sales tax, which helps to cover a portion of the printing and shipping of the book.  

  • Books with a retail price of $50.00 or less are $8.00 plus tax
  • Books with a retail price of $50.01 or more are $14.00 plus tax 

To receive an exam copy, follow the below instructions. 

  1. Find the book you would like to purchase.  (To view all available books download the available book list above.)
  2. Click Add To Cart to place the book in your shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and use the promo code HEXR23 to get your book at the discounted rate.
  4. During the checkout process, you must use the email address of your college or university.
  5. Purchase your book.   
*Promo code HEXR23 must be used at checkout to receive the exam copy price.  Promo code is valid only for 1 exam copy, and on paperback or hardcovers only, no eBooks. Exam copy price includes shipping and is plus tax. 


Desk Copy Requests

Desk requests are available only for professors currently using one of our books in their class, no other requests are allowed.  Desk copies are limited to 1 desk copy per request, and proof of use of the course book is required.  To request your desk copy please email the following information below and attach a copy of your syllabus to textbooks@jh.edu

Information Required

  • Instructor/Professor Name
  • Instructors University Email Address
  • University/College Name
  • University Mailing Address
  • Course Title
  • Current Course Enrollment
  • Book Title Requesting 
  • Format Request - Ebook or Physical Copy
  • How long you have used our book in your course 
  • Attach your current syllabus in pdf format