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Info page for book:   Learning to Heal
Info page for book:   Learning to Heal
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Learning to Heal

The Development of American Medical Education

Kenneth M. Ludmerer

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The development of American medical education involved a conceptual revolution in how medical students should be taught. With the introduction of laboratory and hospital work, students were expected to be active participants in their learning process, and the new goal of medical training was to foster critical thinking rather than the memorization of facts. In Learning to Heal, Kenneth Ludmerer offers the definitive account of the rise of the modern medical school and the shaping of the medical profession.



Learning to Heal is the best description I have read on the development of US medical schools, and it's an informative reminder to all US medical graduates of where their education came from.

Kenneth Ludmerer's excellent book tells the fascinating story of how the United States achieved its world leadership in medical education... The best study yet of the origins of modern medical education.

A brilliant interpretation of the origins of modern medical education... A stunning achievement.

An excellent work of scholarship, compressing a relatively vast literature into a readable and informative volume.

Learning to Heal should be recommended reading for every student, practitioner, faculty member, or administrator concerned with the past, present, and future of American medical education and practice.

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Kenneth M. Ludmerer, M.D.

Kenneth M. Ludmerer, M.D., is assistant professor of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, and assistant professor of history, Washington University.