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Cover image of Geography and the Human Spirit
Cover image of Geography and the Human Spirit
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Geography and the Human Spirit

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What does it mean to dwell? Every civilization has a story to tell, according to Anne Buttimer, and exploring those stories brings fresh light to modern ideas about the relationship between humanity and its environment. In Geography and the Human Spirit, Buttimer ranges widely from Plato to Barry Lopez, from the Upanishads to Goethe, taking an interdisciplinary look at the ways in which human beings have turned to natural science, theology, and myth to form visions of the earth as a human habitat.



Geography and the Human Spirit is a pilgrimage into the workings of one of geography's most conceptual and yet focused thinkers.

Not only represents a comprehensive survey of the history of Western humanism, but also offers a series of important challenges for all geographers to consider.

A vitally creative and imaginative effort to parse meanings associated with geography and the human spirit.

This book will be widely recognized as a landmark in geographical scholarship.

This is an original and complex piece of work in the history of geographic and humanistic thought. It brings back the forgotten excitement of intellectual adventure. It is, in short, a tour de force of scholarship.


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Anne Buttimer

Anne Buttimer is a professor of geography at University College, Dublin.
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Yi-Fu Tuan

From 1983 until retiring in 1998, Yi-Fu Tuan was the John K. Wright and Vilas Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. One of the most important and influential cultural geographers of our time, Tuan has been the recipient of many awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Cullum Medal of the American Geographical Society, and the Lauréat d'Honneur of the International...