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Cover image of Drowned Moon
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Drowned Moon

Stories by Glenn Blake

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The stories in Drowned Moon are set in Southeast Texas, where the Old and the Lost Rivers meet and empty into the bay. This unique geographic location, with its unpredictable waters, its sinking swamps, its bayous and sloughs, provides a haunting landscape for Glenn Blake's characters.



With deceptively spare prose, Glenn Blake has packed considerable depth, mystery, and sense of place into this debut collection of short stories.

These eight stories evoke the mysteries of nature and the human heart and the intersection between the two.

Blake's prose story-telling style is deceptively simple. He writes in a straightforward manner that belies the complexities of the human experience he is at the same time subtly presenting to his reader.

Let's face it, being born and raised between the Old and Lost Rivers is going to do something permanent to your consciousness, and what it has done in Glenn Blake's case is stick there. So much so that when he writes about it, you can feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, see it, that strange, lost, unknown corner of Texas. It is a whole other country and Blake gives it to you with all its oddity and mystery, as it is.

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Glenn Blake
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Glenn Blake

Glenn Blake has taught at Rice University, the University of Houston, and Johns Hopkins University. A senior editor at Boulevard magazine, he is the author of Drowned Moon and Return Fire. His short stories have appeared in American Short Fiction, Boulevard, Southwest Review, The Hopkins Review, Gulf Coast, and elsewhere.