Hopkins Open Publishing: Encore Editions

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A Baronial Family

A History of Icelandic Literature

An Age of Crisis

Applied Grammatology

Arnold's Poetic Landscape

Beasts of the Modern Imagination

Beloved Lady

Britain and China

Boss, Machines, and Urban Voters

Chapters on Chaucer

Christian Rite and Christian Drama

Daniel Webster

Dante's Commedia

Decomposing Figures


Elbeuf During the Revolutionary Period

Essays in the History of Ideas

Firstborn of Venice

Florence in Transition, vol. 1

Florence in Transition, vol. 2

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Germany's Drive to the West

George Herbert's Lyrics

Good Neighbor Diplomacy

History in the United States

History, Man, and Reason

Home as Found


Jane Austen Among Women

Journey to Beatrice

Legal Philosophy from Plato to Hegel

Lourmarin in the Eighteenth Century

Malory's Originality

Marxism and Deconstruction

Medieval Jewry in Northern France

Medievalism and Ideologies of Enlightenment

Melville's Thematics of Form

Men and Masks

Merchants, Landlords, Magistrates

Morality and Utility

Nature and Culture

Neighbors in Conflict

Nobles in Nineteenth-Century France

Observation and Theory in Science

Pater's Portraits

Patricians and Popolani

Poetic Presence and Illusion

Poverty and Charity in Aix-en-Provence

Principles and Persons

Propieties and Vagaries

Prosody and Purpose in the English Renaissance

Provincial Families of the Renaissance

Purpose and Necessity

Québec Confronts Canada

Respectable Folly

Rousseau's Venetian Story

Science and Justice

Science at the White House

Secret Affairs

Southern Politics

Speaking of Diversity

Stalin in October

Students and Society in Early Modern Spain

Subjective Criticism

The Adams Federalists

The American as Anarchist

The Anatomy of Historical Knowledge

The Barristers of Toulouse

The Berlin Crisis of 1961

The Beginning of National Politics

The Chetnik Movement and Yugoslav Resistence

The Concept of Meaninglessness

The Decentered Universe of Finnegan's Wake

The Emergence of Oligopoly

The English Landed Estate

The Federalist

The Fictions of Satire

The Form of American Romance

The House of Saulx-Tavanes

The Idea of Progress in Classical Antiquity

The Idea of the American South

The Individual and Society in the Middle Ages

The Institution of Theory

The Men of the First French Republic

The Most Unsordid Act

The Origins of Agnosticism

The Play and Place of Criticism

The Public Image of Big Business in America

The Quest for a United Germany

The Reason, the Understanding, and Time

The Right to Vote

The Road to Normalcy

The Russian Revolutionary Emigres

The Sage in Harlem

The Socialist Republic of Rumania

The Theory of Criticism

The Thirteen Pragmatisms and Other Essays

The Tragic Vision, vol. 1

The Working People of Paris

The Venician Money Market

Toward Freedom and Dignity

Ultraroyalism in Toulouse

Words about Words about Words