Stanley I. Kutler, 1934–2015

Stanley I. Kutler, the distinguished historian with a long and productive relationship with John Hopkins University Press, died earlier this week in Wisconsin at the age of 80. Kutler was the founding editor of Reviews in American History and the founder and series editor of The American Moment, one of JHUP’s most successful book series. His own books include Privilege and Creative Destruction: The Charles River Bridge Case, which JHUP published in paperback in 1989. Read the Washington Post’s article about Professor Kutler here. Summaries of Kutler’s career mention many accomplishments and highlights, including the famous lawsuit that resulted in the release of hundreds of hours of Oval Office recordings made during the Nixon presidency. Here at JHUP, Kutler’s legacy is evident in on-going work of Reviews in American History and in The American Moment’s thirty-plus volumes of highly-regarded U. S. history books. The first titles (The Twentieth-Century American City and American Workers, American Unions) appeared in 1986, and the most recent (a new edition of The Best War Ever) was published just last month. Written by distinguished and innovative scholars carefully chosen by Kutler, the books have become classroom staples and many have been revised as second, third, and fourth editions. A selection of books from The American Moment appears below, works that now comprise an enduring tribute to a great scholar and editor, our friend, Stanley Kutler.
THE AMERICAN MOMENT Stanley I. Kutler, Series Editor The Best War Ever: America and World War II, second edition, by Michael C. C. Adams America’s Public Schools: From the Common School to “No Child Left Behind,” updated edition, by William J. Reese The Twentieth-Century American City: Problem, Promise, and Reality, second edition, by Jon C. Teaford Presidential Decisions for War: Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Iraq, second edition, by Gary R. Hess American Workers, American Unions: The Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Centuries, fourth edition, by Robert H. Zieger, Timothy J. Minchin, and Gilbert J. Gall A Commonwealth of Hope: The New Deal Response to Crisis, by Alan Lawson The Republic of Mass Culture: Journalism, Filmmaking, and Broadcasting in America since 1941, third edition, by James L. Baughman Vietnam Shadows: The War, Its Ghosts, and Its Legacy, by Arnold R. Isaacs callowayNew Worlds for All: Indians, Europeans, and the Remaking of Early America, second edition, by Colin G. Calloway Discontented America: The United States in the 1920s, by David J. Goldberg America’s Right Turn: From Nixon to Clinton, second edition, by William C. Berman Hollywood's High Noon: Moviemaking and Society before Television, by Thomas Cripps And the Crooked Places Made Straight: The Struggle for Social Change in the 1960s, second edition, updated, by David Chalmers The Culture of the Cold War, second edition, by Stephen J. Whitfield America’s Half-Century: United States Foreign Policy in the Cold War and After, second edition, by Thomas J. McCormick The Debate over Vietnam, second edition, by David W. Levy


Stanley gave me my first teaching job and later encouraged me in my publishing career. Both were life-changing events. Now, I'm editorial director of Johns Hopkins University Press! We are the products of the people who teach us.--Greg Britton