June Media Roundup

Our authors have been busy in the month of June! Check out the highlights below:


Justin Schmidt’s The Sting of the Wild (HC: 9781421419282; $24.95) has been featured in the following outlets in the month of June: The Guardian, Atlas Obscura, New York Post, BBC FocusMagazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Nature, Nature’s Cool Green Science blog, Forbes, National Geographic, FiveThirtyEight, and the Improbable Research podcast.


Mary Guinan, author of Adventures of a Female Medical Detective (HC: 9781421419992; $24.95) appeared on Thursday night’s episode of CNN’s The Eighties to discuss her role in the HIV/AIDS outbreak at that time. The Midlands Science Festival covered Guinan’s recent book tour in Ireland. The book was also recently received coverage in Nature, Times Higher Education, and NPR’s All Things Considered.


Dante Fenolio’s Life in the Dark was featured in The Guardian and Undark Magazine this week. The book recently received coverage on Nature’s blog, Cool Green Science, and San Antonio’s ABC local TV news affiliate. We also expect coverage in the August issue of Scuba Diving Magazine.


Roland Kays, author of Candid Creatures (HC: 9781421418889; $39.95) was interviewed by The New York Times and on CBC/Radio Canada. The book also received a review in French publication L’Entomologiste (attached). Previous coverage of this project includes: Discovery Magazine, The Washington Posts’ “Animalia” blog, Science Friday, Shelf Awareness, Popular Science, The Guardian and The New York Times


Leslie Day’s Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City (HC: 9781421416175; $55.00 / PB: 9781421416182; $24.95) was reviewed by New York Review of Books.


Diploma Mills (HC: 9781421420073; $29.95) author AJ Angulo was interviewed for a lengthy piece on for-profit education in Gawker.


Zachary Schrag, author of The Great Society Subway: A History of the Washington Metro (HC: 9780801882463; $33.00 / PB: 9781421415772; $29.95) assisted The Washington Post with a neat infographic about the trouble of Metro repairs.


Matters of Fact in Jane Austen (PB: 9781421411910; $24.95) author Janine Barchas was interviewed for a fun piece in The Washington Post.


Stephen Brier, author of the upcoming fall book, Austerity Blues (Out November 2016 – HC: 9781421420677$29.95), was interviewed in The New York Times.


Daniel E. Dawes, author of 150 Years of ObamaCare (HC 9781421419633), was featured in an article in The Huffington Post.


Overcoming Destructive Anger (HC: 9781421419732; $49.95; PB: 987421419749, $19.95) author Bernard Golden was interviewed this week on The Staying Young Radio Show, Radio MD’s Melanie Cole’s Health Radio, and NPR WEBZ Chicago’s Morning Shift.


Research from The Politics of Performance Funding for Higher Education (HC: 9781421416908; $49.95) was featured in a Washington Post article. The authors have an upcoming fall book: Performance Funding for Higher Education (Out October 2016 – HC: 9781421420820; $40.00).


The Los Angeles Times review of Righting America at the Creation Museum (HC: 9781421419510; $26.95) by Susan and William Trollinger.


Gerardo Ceballos, co-author of The Annihilation of Nature (HC: 9781421417189; $29.95), was interviewed on PBS’ Open Mind TV about the 6th wave of extinction.


Why Can’t I Stop? (HC: 9781421419657; $44.95 / PB: 9781421419664; $22.95) authors Jon Grant, Brian Odlaug, and Samuel Chamberlain wrote a piece for Psychology Today.


Susan Noonan, author of When Someone You Know Has Depression (HC: 9781421420141; $35.00 / PB: 9781421420158; $16.95), wrote her third post in her blog series "View from the Mist" with Psychology Today.


John Thelin, author of several JHU Press books, including A History of American Higher Education (PB: 9781421402673; $25.00), was interviewed on WNYC’s The Brian Leher Show.


Pain (PB: 9781421418407; $24.95) author Keith Wailoo recently spoke to congress about drug policy and the opioid addiction epidemic. The video can be viewed here, and Princeton’s coverage of the talk can be found here.


Adam Kushner’s Operation Health (PB: 9781421416694; $25.95) was reviewed in Nursing Times.


Michael Steele, author of several JHUP books, including Squirrels of the World (HC: 9781421404691; $80.00) and the upcoming book tentatively titled Oak Dispersal, was awarded the National Science Foundation’s OPUS Award for his work on his new book project.


Three new subject catalogs went live this month, designed by the ever-talented Susan Ventura:

Amish, Mennonite, and Anabaptist Studies

Science and Mathematics

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine


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