July Media Roundup

Compiling this snapshot of JHU Press books in the news this month was similar to the experience of singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” I was thoroughly worn out by the time it was through, but boy was it fun.


Take a look at what our authors have been up to in the month of July!


In addition to his recent interview and illustrated pain scale, Science Friday ran a feature article around Justin Schmidt’s The Sting of the Wild (HC: 9781421419282; $24.95). The book made Nature’s“Cool Green Science” blog’s list of top summer nature reads and Justin was interviewed by BBC EarthArizona’s local NPR station and SiriusXM’s “Tell Me Everything” with John Fugelsang. Other recent coverage for the book includes The Guardian, Atlas Obscura, and NPR "Weekend Edition."


Righting America at the Creation Museum (HC: 9781421419510; $26.95) coauthors William and Susan Trollinger have been busy. Times Higher Education ran a feature interview with the authors and named their project the “Book of the Week.” They were recently quoted in articles in the The New York Times and the Religion News Service, which were both syndicated and picked up by several other newspapers, including The Washington Post. They were also guests for a one hour interview on Local Utah NPR station KUER/Radio West and were interviewed by WLTW Tv/Cincinnati. The Friendly Atheist website ran a short excerpt from the book. The book was also recently reviewed in The Los Angeles Times.


In the wake of the coup in Turkey, Naunihal Singh, author of Seizing Power (HC: 9781421413365; $59.95) was interviewed for pieces in The New York TimesBloombergVox, and NPR’s “On the Media.”


 Blue Marble Health (Out September 2016 – PB: 9781421420462; $28.95) author Peter Hotez was recently interviewed by The Atlantic  and NPR’s All Things Considered on the topic of Zika.

Adventures of a Female Medical Detective (HC: 9781421419992; $24.95) by Mary Guinan with Anne Mather was reviewed by Library Journal, Hopkins Medicine Magazine and the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal. Epimonitor ran a Q&A with Guinan and ReachMD ran an interview.


 Diploma Mills (HC: 9781421420073; $29.95) author A.J. Angulo wrote an op-ed for The Guardian. He was also interviewed for articles in the Financial Times and Slate.


Claire Jarvis’ Exquisite Masochism was mentioned in The Paris Review this week. An excerpt from her book also went live on The Millions.


Inside Higher Education ran a story featuring the work of Breakpoint (PB: 9781421418209; $26.95) author Jon McGee.


Ken Dodd, author of Frogs of the United States and Canada, was interviewed for a piece on Smithsonian.com.


 Kathleen Trainor, author of Calming Your Anxious Child (HC: 9781421420097; $45.00 / PB: 9781421420103; $18.95) was interviewed by Warm 106.9 and KERA.


The Times Literary Supplement reviewed Groundless (HC: 9781421418650; $34.95) by Gregory Evans Dowd and Couldn’t Prove, Had to Promise (HC: 9781421417141; $18.95) by Wyatt Prunty.


The Catholic World Report reviewed The Complete Prose of T.S. Eliot.


The Washington Times reviewed David Lucsko’s Junkyards, Gearheads, and Rust (HC: 9781421419428; $44.95).


Dante Fenolio, author of Life in the Dark (HC: 9781421418636; $39.95) was featured in the August issue of BBC Focus Magazine and Take Part. The book recently received coverage on Nature’s blog, Cool Green Science, The Guardian and Undark Magazine.


Bernard Golden, author of Overcoming Destructive Anger (HC: 9781421419732; $49.95; PB: 987421419749, $19.95), wrote an op-ed for the American Police Beat. Golden also recently interviewed with NYC’s CBS Radio,  The Staying Young Radio Show, Radio MD’s Melanie Cole’s Health Radio, and NPR WEBZ Chicago’s Morning Shift.


The Papers of Fredrick Law Olmsted was mentioned in a New York Times piece on the restoration efforts in Central Park.


Daniel Dawes was interviewed about 150 Years Of ObamaCare (HC: 9781421419633; $26.95) on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner radio show.


The first 5 posts from Why Can’t I Stop? (HC: 9781421419657; $44.95 / PB: 9781421419664; $22.95) authors are now up on the Psychology Today blog of the same name, including a piece on Pokémon Go.


We received three excellent blurbs to support Rosemary Stevens’s forthcoming book, A Time of Scandal (Out January 2017—HC: 9781421421308; $34.95):


“This is a wonderfully researched and beautifully written examination of a key player – heretofore largely overlooked – who was deeply involved when things went amiss during the Harding presidency, and the book shines fresh light into a few dark corners of history that are worth reexamining.”

--John W. Dean, author of Warren G. Harding, The American President Series, Times Books


“Equal parts detective, biographer, and keen historical analyst, Rosemary Stevens delves into one of America’s most infamous political scandals with stunning results. Cutting through the mist of intrigue and rumor, she offers a compelling portrait of President Warren Harding and his Veterans’ Bureau Chief, Charles Forbes, and in the process forever alters our narrative of high politics in the Roaring Twenties.”

--Thomas J. Sugrue, New York University


“Sometimes the best story is the back story--what really happened behind the scenes. Rosemary Stevens reveals the truth behind one of the most colorful scandals in American political history in this incisive and gracefully-written work. A tour de force of historical research and insight.”

--Evan Thomas, author of Being Nixon: A Man Divided


Ending Medical Reversal (HC: 9781421417721;  $24.95) by Drs. Prasad and Cifu was reviewed by Nursing Times.


FiveThirtyEight featured Reducing Gun Violence in America (PB: 9781421411101; $11.95), edited by Daniel Webster and Jon Vernick on its list of recommended reading on guns and gun death.


A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes: From Alaska to California (PB: 9781421418322; $25.00) by Val Kells, Luiz Rocha, and Larry Allen received an excellent review from The Well-Read Naturalist.


Groundless (HC: 9781421418650; $34.95) author Greg Dowd was interviewed for the popular history podcast Ben Franklin’s World.


Susan Noonan, author of When Someone You Know Has Depression (HC: 9781421420141; $35.00 / PB: 9781421420158; $16.95), wrote a piece for The Huffington Post blog. She has also been regularly blogging on Psychology Today.


Jill Grimes, author of Seductive Delusions (PB: 9781421419244; $18.95)was interviewed by ReachMD.


 The George C. Marshall Foundation in Lexington, VA,  hosted a celebration on June 23 to mark the publication of the seventh and final volume of The Papers of George Catlett Marshall ("The Man of the Age," October 1, 1949–October 16, 1959; HC 978-1-4214-1962-6).  The program featured Kathleen Williams, Executive Director of the National Historic Publications and Records Commission; Margaret Plympton, Deputy Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities; Mark Stoler and Dan Holt, editors of the Marshall Papers; and others.  The event  was filmed by C-SPAN’s American History TV.



That’s all, folks! Be sure to check back in with us next month!