January Media Roundup

Happy New Year, readers! Here's what our authors have been up to this month:


Before the Oath (PB: 9781421416595; $39.95) author Martha Kumar was a guest on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”


Brian Lamb’s C-SPAN interview with A Time of Scandal (HC: 9781421421308; $34.95) author Rosemary Stevens ran this month. The book recently received a profile piece in Town & Country Magazine.


A quote from Austerity Blues (HC: 9781421420677; $29.95) author Stephen Brier appeared in The Wall Street Journal. The book has also been recently featured in The Hechinger Report (which was picked up by PBS News Hour)The Leonard Lopate Show,  Inside Higher Education, and AlterNet.


The Sting of the Wild (HC: 9781421419282; $24.95) by Justin Schmidt was named among Forbes’ 10 Best Popular Science books of 2016. Other recent coverage for the book includes New York Times MagazineJimmy Kimmel LIVE (including a rather funny mention in Jimmy’s opening monologue),National GeographicThe GuardianScience Friday,  BBC Earthand Atlas Obscura.


The work of The 160-Character Solution (HC: 9781421418742; $22.95) author Ben Castleman was featured in The New York Times.


150 Years Of ObamaCare (HC: 9781421419633; $26.95) author Daniel Dawes was interviewed by The Seattle Times.


John Thelin, author of several JHU Press books, including A History of American Higher Education (PB: 9781421402673; $25.00), appeared on an ESPN.


Drug Dealer, MD (HC: 9781421421407; $19.95) author Anna Lembke was reviewed in Metapsychology. The book also received coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Times Higher Education, Canada’s ContextTV, SiriusXM’s “Doctor Radio,” STAT NewsBeWelland The Healthcare Policy Podcast.


The Hechinger Report ran an op-ed from Rebecca Natow, author of Higher Education Rulemaking (HC: 9781421421469; $55.00).The book has also been featured on MarketWatchNew Books Network, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.


Claire Jarvis’ Exquisite Masochism (HC: 9781421419930; $49.95) was reviewed by The Times Literary Supplement. The book holds Inside Higher Education’s reader’s choice book of 2016 and has also received coverage in Library JournalThe Paris Review and The Millions.


Devoney Looser, author of the forthcoming The Making of Jane Austen (HC 978-1-4214-2282-4), wrote a cover story on Austen for the current Times Literary Supplement; she also recorded a podcast with TLS on the topic.


When Someone You Know is Living in a Dementia Care Community (HC: 9781421420646; $39.95 / PB: 9781421420653; $16.95) author Rachel Wonderlin was interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “The Joy Cardin Show.”


Alexander Cooley wrote a thoughtful piece this week for the website Real Clear World. Cooley is a contributor to Authoritarianism Goes Global: The Challenge to Democracy, (PB: 9781421419978; $34.95) edited by Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner, and Christopher Walker.


Committed (HC: 9781421420783; $22.95) by Dinah Miller and Annette Hanson was reviewed by Psychiatric Times. The book has also been recently featured by The Washington Post,  Psychology TodayJohns Hopkins Brain Wise Newsletter, SiriusXM’s “Tell Me Everything” with John Fugelsang, The Baltimore SunWYPR’s “On the Record”, and NPR’s “The Diane Rehm Show.”


John McGowan’s Public Intelligence blog is doing a multi-part review of The Great Mistake (HC: 9781421421629; $32.95) by Chris Newfield. The book has been previously featured in The Los Angeles Review of BooksTimes Higher Education, Library JournalThe Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher Education, The Hechinger ReportThe Chicago Tribune and Foreword Reviews.


Photos from Roland Kays’ Candid Creatures (HC: 9781421418889; $39.95) were featured on National Geographic. Previous coverage of this project includes: Discovery Magazine, The Washington Posts’ “Animalia” blogScience FridayShelf AwarenessPopular ScienceThe GuardianThe Daily Beast, and The New York Times (twice).


The Chronicle of Higher Education ran an excerpt of Distraction (HC: 9781421420127; $50.00) by author Natalie Phillips.


The Los Angeles Review of Books reviewed Ronald Kline’s The Cybernetics Moment (HC: 9781421416717; $54.95).


Peripheral Neuropathy (HC: 9781421420844; 34.95 / PB: 9781421420851; $18.95) author Janice Wiesman wrote an article for the Neuropathy and HIV  blog. News of Wiesman’s book has appeared on SiriusXM’s “Doctor Radio,” the Rochester Review,  and wrote a piece for Practical Neuropathy.


Dean MacKinnon, author of Still Down (HC: 9781421421056; $39.95 / PB: 9781421421063; $18.95), was interviewed on LA talk radio’s “On the Couch with Dr. Michelle” on 20 January. The book has been covered on WBAL-TV, WYPR’s “Medical Minute,” Clinical Psychiatry News, and Johns Hopkins Brain Wise Newsletter.


Michael Trimble’s The Intentional Brain was reviewed by The British Society for the History of Medicine.


Murder and the Making of English CSI (HC: 9781421420400; $24.95) by Ian Burney and Neil Pemberton, was reviewed by Seattle Book Review. Burney was also recently interviewed on BBC’s Radio Leicester and BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms show.


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