Groundbreaking Journal Celebrates Anniversary

A series of conversations at Johns Hopkins in the autumn of 1995 spawned the online journal Theory & Event, which was founded in 1997.  Now one of the most widely disseminated and read journals in the field of contemporary theory, Theory & Event launched the 20th anniversary issue of Volume 20 in late January.

The Johns Hopkins University Press has made the issue available open access on Project MUSE through February 2017 as part of the anniversary celebrations.  For the first time, the journal is also available in full PDF format.

The issue serves as a unique look back through a modern lens at the path T&E has created since its first issue.  Co-editors Kennan Ferguson and James Martel have put together an issue that celebrates the milestone in three different ways.  First, the co-editors asked younger scholars who have themselves grown up with the journal to select an essay from the first five volumes of the journal and engage its insights and influences. Second, the issue presents a translation of a central work concerning Gilles Deleuze. Third, the issue features several essays forming a symposium on Neil Roberts’ Freedom as Marronage

Review editor, Kam Shapiro, curated two review essays, and four book reviews for the new issue. 

Ferguson and Martel also visited our podcast series to talk about the milestone as well as plans for the rest of 2017.