Celebrating Black History Month

America’s annual celebration of Black History month honors the innumerable (and all too often, overlooked) contributions that African Americans have made to this country. It is also a time to strive for a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the role of race in America. Academic research and scholarship are an important source of fresh perspectives, hard truths, and innovative thinking about race – and the journals of Johns Hopkins University Press are no exception. Here is a sampling of articles from JHUP Journals that tackle topics on the African American experience from many different lenses.

Identifying White Mediocrity and Know-Your-Place Aggression: A Form of Self-Care
Koritha Mitchell
African American Review, Winter 2018

US Medical School Applicant Experiences of Bias on the Interview Trail
Avik Chatterjee, Charlotte Greif, Robert Witzburg, Lori Henault, Kristen Goodell, and Michael K. Paasche-Orlow
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, February 2020

Portfolio of Artwork: Skunder Boghossian
Callaloo, 2017


Under Pressure: Reading Material Textuality in the Recovery of Early African American Print Work
Jonathan Senchyne
Arizona Quarterly, Fall 2019

Coloring Between the Lines of Punk and Hardcore: From Absence to Black Punk Power
David Ensminger
Postmodern Culture, January 2010

Abolitionist Histories in the Context of Black Lives Matter
Stacey M. Robertson
Reviews in American History, June 2016

Nappy Edges and Goldy Locks: African-American Daughters and the Politics of Hair
Neal A. Lester
The Lion and the Unicorn, April 2000

dear citizen
Marcus B. McArthur
African American Review, Spring 2019