Celebrate Black History Month : Poetic Voices

In celebration of  Black History Month 2021, JHU Press is spotlighting Black poetic voices. Many of the 99 scholarly journals published by JHU Press regularly feature original works of poetry. Below is a just small collection of the diverse voices that bring their creative gifts and and lyrical compositions to our journals throughout the year. The Third Renunciation
Matthew E. Henry 
Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality
, Spring 2020

baba's voice mail.
Tsitsi Jaji 
New Literary History
, Autumn 2019

jury duty, and: (my) emily dickinson
Evie Shockley 
Sewanee Review, Winter 2020

American, and: Until I Get Back, and: American Birthdeath Sequence, and: Blood-Slow Riot, and: John 1:1
Aaron Coleman 
Callaloo, Summer 2017

for jim who pulls my lapel and calls me bro, and: 51 Fletcher and Them
Durell Thompson
African American Review
, Fall 2020

A Waste of Yellow
Thomas Sayers Ellis
Callaloo, Fall 2009
Dear—, and: Dear—, and: Continental Drift Theory
Donika Kelly 
Sewanee Review
, Summer 2020

The Bronx Housing Court, and: For My Uncle Bobby, and: Days of 1996
Michael Brown Jr. 
The Hopkins Review
, Fall 2020

To Make Various Sorts of Black
Lorna Goodison 
New Literary History
, Autumn 2019

The Keening
Vievee Francis 
African American Review
, Spring 2017

Free and Brave
Caroline Knight 
The Hopkins Review, Fall 2020

Salt Water Undoing
D. S. Harr 
African American Review, Fall 2020 Linea Nigra
Nikky Finney 
Sewanee Review
, Winter 2021

Trio A, and: Fear and Loathing (Comin' and Goin'), and: Ode to the Happy Negro Hugging the Flag in Robert Colescott's George Washington Carver Crossing the Delaware, and: Private Party, and: Broke Bois
Anaïs Duplan 
Callaloo, Summer 2017

Points of Clarification
Major Jackson 
Sewanee Review,
Fall 2020