August Media Roundup

The sweltering August heat pales in comparison to our authors! Check out our hottest publicity this month:


Justin Schmidt’s The Sting of the Wild (HC: 9781421419282; $24.95) was featured in a 4-page spread in New York Times Magazine, CNN’s The Big Story and Business Insider this month. Other recentcoverage for the book includes The Guardian, Science FridayBBC Earth, and Atlas Obscura.


The Poems of T.S. Eliot, volumes 1&2 (Volume 1 HC: 9781421420172, $44.95 / Volume 2 HC: 9781421420172; $39.95) edited by Christopher Ricks and James McCue were reviewed in London Review of Books. They received a brief mention in The New York Times Book Review’s “By the Book” column recently.


A slideshow of photos from Dante Fenolio’s Life in the Dark (HC: 9781421418636; $39.95) appeared on The Weather Channel online. The book recently received coverage in BBC Science Focus Magazine, Nature’s blog, Cool Green Science, The Guardian, Take Part, and Undark Magazine.


Ellen Silbergeld’s Chickenizing Farms and Food (October – HC: 9781421420301; $26.95) received a featured review in Library Journal.


Library Journal also reviewed Wendy Gamber’s The Notorious Mrs. Clem (September - HC: 9781421420202, $34.95), Prabhjot Singh’s Dying and Living in the Neighborhood (September – HC: 9781421420448; $27.95), and Bernard Golden’s Overcoming Destructive Anger (view here).


Library Journal will feature reviews of Dean MacKinnon’s Still Down (November 2016 – HC: 9781421421056; $39.95 / PB: 9781421421063; $19.95) and Paul O’Hara’s Inventing the Pinkertons (October 2016 - HC: 9781421420561; $29.95) in their 01 September print issue.


Martyrs Mirror by David Weaver-Zercher (HC: 9781421418827; $49.95) received a Foreword review.


News of Roland Kays’ Candid Creatures (HC: 9781421418889; $39.95) went live on Take Part, The News&Observer, and Previous coverage of this project includes: Discovery Magazine, The Washington Posts’ “Animalia” blog, Science Friday, Shelf Awareness, Popular Science, The Guardian and The New York Times (twice).


The Large Hadron Collider (HC: 9781421413518; $29.95) author Don Lincoln wrote a piece for CNN.


Star-Spangled Banner (HC: 9781421415185; $24.95) author Marc Ferris’ recent opinion piece in The Washington Post to celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial.


A terrific review of Richard Burgin’s Don’t Think (PB 9781421419718) ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Inside Higher Education ran a university press roundup of fall books, and Jacob Rooksby’s Unbranding the American Mind (December – HC: 9781421420806; $29.95) was one of them.


Times Higher Education reviewed Karen Schrier’s Knowledge Games (HC: 9781421419206, $34.95).


The work of The Faculty Factor (November 2016 – HC: 9781421420929; $$50.00) editors, Martin Finkelstein et al., received mention in The Chronicle of Higher Education.


The Folger Shakespeare Library’s latest exhibit, “Will & Jane: Shakespeare, Austen, and the Cult of Celebrity,” co-curated by Matters of Fact in Jane Austen (PB: 9781421411910; $24.95) author Janine Barchas, opens tomorrow (06 August). While the exhibit has garnered excitement for months from places like The Washington Post, The New York Times wrote a feature story in this Friday’s art section.


Adventures of a Female Medical Detective (HC: 9781421419992; $24.95) by Mary Guinan with Anne Mather was reviewed in The Lancet. The book also recently received coverage in Nature, Times Higher Education, and NPR’s All Things Considered.


Daniel Dawes’s 150 Years Of ObamaCare (HC: 9781421419633; $26.95) received a complimentary review from Health Affairs. The National Catholic Reporter will be running a Q&A with Dawes soon. Dawes also recently interviewed with Healthy Communities Online and the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner radio show.


Dante Fenolio’s Life in the Dark (HC: 9781421418636; $39.95) was reviewed by the San Antonio Current Magazine. The book recently received coverage in BBC Science Focus Magazine, Nature’s blog, Cool Green Science, The Guardian, Take Part, and Undark Magazine.


Religion and Politics quoted Righting America at the Creation Museum (HC: 9781421419510; $26.95) authors Susan and William Trollinger. The book was also recently named “Book of the Week” along with a feature interview in Times Higher Education, interviewed for a piece in GQ Magazine, and was reviewed in The Los Angeles Times and quoted in The Washington Post.


Bernard Golden, author of Overcoming Destructive Anger (HC: 9781421419732; $49.95; PB: 987421419749, $19.95) was interviewed by Everyday Diabetes. Golden’s work was also recently featured in American Police Beat, Psychology Today, NYC’s CBS Radio,  The Staying Young Radio Show, NPR WEBZ Chicago’s Morning Shift, Voice America’s “Uplift Your Life” and the Diabetes Power Show.


The Birdbooker Report featured Cockroaches (HC:9780801886164; $120.00 /  PB: 9781421421148; $89.95), now available in paperback.


S.D. Lamb’s Pathologist of the Mind (HC: 9781421414843; $44.95) was reviewed by Psychiatric Services.


History News Network reviewed Susan Cayleff’s Nature’s Path (HC: 9781421419039; $39.95).



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