Three More Journals Debut on Project MUSE

Project Muse is thrilled to announce that three additional journals have recently joined our existing online collections. These three journals publish articles that cover a diverse range of fields and topics: from music, to Christianity, to U.S. Southern history. Learn more about them below.

00_63.1_Fontes_FrontCoverOnlyFontes Artis Musicae, International Society of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
Now available from Volume 63 (2016)

Fontes artis musicae publishes articles on topics relevant to the Association’s purposes, particularly in the area of international music librarianship and documentation, bibliography, audio-visual materials, and musicology. In addition to peer-reviewed scholarly articles, each issue features reviews of books, databases, and music scores.

lut.30Lutheran Quarterly, The Johns Hopkins University Press
Now available from Volume 30 (2016)

Lutheran Quarterly, New Series, is a journal for the Evangelical Lutheran Church everywhere, discussing its history and theology. The aims of the New Series are to provide a forum for the discussion of Christian faith and life on the basis of the Lutheran confession; the application of the principles of the Lutheran Church to the changing problems of religion and society; the fostering of world Lutheranism; and the promotion of understanding between Lutherans and other Christians.

jsh_82_1_co14.inddJournal of Southern History, The Southern Historical Association
Now available from Volume 82 (2016)

The Journal of Southern History is a quarterly devoted to the history of the American South broadly conceived. The Journal publishes refereed articles and solicited book reviews on all aspects of southern history and is unrestricted as to chronological period, methodology, and southern historical topic.