JHU Press celebrates Open Access Week by releasing 100 “HTML5” open access books

The collection is part of a new initiative from Project MUSE that represents
the “next chapter” in OA publishing by university presses

JHU Press has released 100 open access (OA) books as part of an innovative initiative by Project MUSE, the highly-acclaimed online collection of humanities and social science scholarship. The books, collectively known as “Hopkins Open Publishing,” will be available free of charge on a newly designed platform that offers a highly-discoverable and adaptable format using user-friendly HTML5 rather than static PDFs. The new platform launched by Project MUSE earlier this year represents a major step forward in OA publishing for university presses.  The release of the JHU Press OA titles coincides with Open Access Week, which is also celebrated annually by JHU’s Sheridan Libraries.

“Books that are open to the world have the power to transform the discovery of new knowledge and facilitate evidence-based decisions,” said Barbara Kline Pope, Director of the Johns Hopkins University Press. “Thanks to a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the innovations implemented on the Project MUSE platform are just the first step in facilitating breakthrough knowledge acquisition. We’re so proud that JHU Press is home to Project MUSE, and that books published by Hopkins will comprise the largest OA collection contributed by any university press. And this is just the start—we plan to add many more OA editions in the coming years.”

The JHU Press works selected for the OA program range widely across disciplines and have the potential to re-enter important conversations that have evolved significantly since the time the books were originally published. Elinor Accampo’s 2006 book, Blessed Motherhood, Bitter Fruit: Nelly Roussel and the Politics of Female Pain in Third Republic France, for example, offers a definitive—and newly resonant—account of the overwhelming obstacles faced by “first wave” feminists in their struggles against the politics and culture of patriarchy.  Similarly, Philip Gallman’s Green Alternatives and National Energy Strategy: The Facts behind the Headlines, first published in 2011, offers data and analysis that seem more relevant than ever in public discussions of energy and environmental policies.

Project MUSE anticipates hosting hundreds more OA scholarly books, funded through initiatives including the Humanities Open Book program, Knowledge Unlatched, TOME, Mellon grants, and other publisher- and institution-driven programs. Open access content on MUSE is fully integrated and supported alongside the more than 54,000 books and 650 scholarly journal titles also on the platform. MUSE welcomes inquiries from publishers and other content creators with scholarship they wish to make freely available, with wide reach and rich options for discovery, linking, and transformative impact.

“This really represents the next chapter in OA publishing for MUSE and our university press collaborators,” said Wendy Queen, Director of Project MUSE, “and we’re thrilled that JHU Press will have so many important works available open access on MUSE in such a flexible, useful format.”

About Project MUSE

Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social science content for the scholarly community.  Since 1995, the MUSE Journal Collections have supported a wide array of research needs at academic, public, special, and school libraries worldwide. MUSE is the trusted source of complete, full-text versions of scholarly journals from many of the world's leading university presses and scholarly societies, with over 120 publishers currently participating. Books on Project MUSE offers access to more than 54,000 books from over 100 presses, fully integrated with MUSE's scholarly journal content for browsing and discovery. Find out more here: https://about.muse.jhu.edu/about/story/.