COVID-19 Message from JHUP Director Barbara Kline Pope

March 18, 2020

Dear friends and colleagues,

In my long career, I have never felt such a deep sense of urgency and responsibility as I did this week ensuring the safety and health of my colleagues here at Johns Hopkins University Press.  As of this week, we are all working from home, aiming to keep to our regular schedules, and moving forward with a shared sense of purpose in serving all of you—our authors, editors, clients, customers, librarians, and readers.  

Whether you are an author of one of our books, a client of Hopkins Fulfillment Services, a society member affiliated with our Journals Division, or a librarian serving your patrons with the broad content in Project MUSE, you can count on us.  You can reach us in any way you choose, but email is working best for now. We are fully operational from our remote locations. 

We have also taken a step that would have seemed extraordinary just a few weeks ago, but today is simply right and appropriate.  Starting today, all JHU Press content on Project MUSE will be made accessible for free until May 31, 2020. Our aim is to ease the transition to at-home learning for students who might have difficulty accessing their university libraries remotely as they complete their spring semester course work. As a result of this decision, readers worldwide will have free online access to 1,400 books and 97 journals currently available on Project MUSE. The staff at MUSE is working with other participating publishers to make similar arrangements, and we salute their incredible efforts.

Access to the best research and scholarship is essential—for students completing their studies, for faculty members in their teaching and research, for policy makers weighing critical decisions, and for health professionals working to save lives.  We will be looking for additional ways in which to overcome barriers created by the COVID-19 crisis that restrict access to this essential knowledge.  I welcome your ideas about this.

It is comforting and empowering during this uncertain time to do everything we can to stay true to our mission and to help each other navigate unprecedented challenges to daily life—including being a student and conducting research.  On behalf of all my colleagues at Johns Hopkins University Press, I offer my best wishes to you and yours as you meet the challenges of the coming weeks and months.

Barbara Kline Pope