Coming soon: Why Sharks Matter: A Deep Dive with the World's Most Misunderstood Predator


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About the book

Sharks are some of the most fascinating, most ecologically important, most threatened, and most misunderstood animals on Earth. More often feared than revered, their role as predators of the deep have earned them a reputation as a major threat to humans. But the truth is that sharks are not a danger to us—they're in danger from us.

In Why Sharks Matter, marine conservation biologist Dr. David Shiffman explains why it’s crucial that we overcome our misconceptions and rise above cinematic jump scares to embrace sharks as the imperiled, amazing, elegant, and critically important creatures they really are. Sharing his own fascinating experiences working with sharks, Shiffman explains
  • why healthy shark populations are a must for supporting ocean ecosystems—and the coastal economies that depend on them
  • why we're in danger of losing many species forever
  • what scientists, conservationists, and readers can do to help save these iconic predators
  • And why so much of what you’ve heard about sharks and how to save them is wrong
Explaining the core tenets of shark conservation science and policy, Shiffman synthesizes decades of scientific research and policymaking, weaving it into a narrative full of humor and adventure. Touching on everything from Shark Week to shark fin soup, overfishing to marine sanctuaries, Shiffman explains why sharks are in trouble, why we should care, and how we can save them. Perfect for shark enthusiasts, Why Sharks Matter is an approachable, informative guide to the world of shark conservation and the passionate, fascinating, brilliant people who work to understand and protect our oceans.  This fun read will have you looking at sharks with a fresh perspective and an understanding that the survival of sharks is crucial to the survival of another apex predator—ourselves.

About the author

David Shiffman (SILVER SPRING, MD) is a marine conservation biologist at Arizona State University. His writings have  appeared in the Washington Post, National Geographic, Scientific American, and a monthly column in SCUBA diving Magazine. He can be found on Twitter at @WhySharksMatter, where he’s always happy to answer any questions anyone has about sharks!

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