Special Issues

Studies in Romanticism
Special Issues Guidelines

SiR welcomes submissions of special issue topics. Successful topics would not be conference proceedings, but they may grow out of an event or collaborative project where authors worked toward a coherent and timely topic of inquiry together and then revised their essays to this end. The special issue editor/s should send a brief, abstract-length description of the topic and names of proposed contributors for initial consideration to the managing editor. If the initial fit seems good, they will be invited to submit a 6-8 page proposal similar to one for an essay collection, with project overview and argument, intended audience and significance, competing volumes/issues, abstracts of each essay, and brief details on contributors.

Special issues should consist of four to six essays of a maximum of 9000 words each including notes and bibliography. The editorial Introduction can be 5000 words maximum, and the total number of images should not exceed 15. Issue editors are responsible for submitting to the managing editor the complete manuscript conforming to the length limits, assuring the references are all according to house style, and including all images and copyright permissions per journal requirements. Special topic issues will be subject to peer review as with all manuscripts.

We also accept proposals for shorter symposia or forums focusing on the impact of a significant current scholarly work or issue within or outside literary studies, with an invited set of responses addressing this text or issue directly (similar to PMLA’s “Theories and Methodologies”). To propose a symposium or forum, follow the same procedures as for proposing a special issue (a brief initial inquiry followed by a more substantive proposal). The symposium format would consist of shorter, more polemical contributions. Interdisciplinary and/or methodologically innovative topics are particularly encouraged.