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Celebrate Twenty-Five Years Of Philosophy and Literature

Dear Arts & Letters Daily Reader,

For a quarter century, Philosophy and Literature has been the source for criticism and analysis at the busy intersection of philosophy, literature, and the arts. From Plato to postcolonialism, Philosophy and Literature explores the borderlands between literary and philosophical studies with lively and provocative articles and reviews.

Every issue is a diversity of intelligent, pleasurable writing in areas often ignored by other journals. Literature and Evolution. Pragmatism. Aesthetic Theory. Ethical Criticism. Art and Cognitive Science. By repudiating the obscurantism and jargon that make many scholarly journals so indigestible, Philosophy and Literature is the leader in re-humanizing and re-animating its field.

We are pleased to be able now to make a special subscription offer to readers of Arts & Letters Daily. By ordering now, subscribers will receive a 20% discount on annual subscriptions.

Over the last few years we have presented writings on an enormous array of topics: Violence in Biblical Narrative; Moral Certainty in Tolstoy; Hitler and the Tyranny of the Aesthetic; Avante Garde Poetry; Art and Pornography; Walter Benjamin; Nietzsche and Woolf on Post-God Discourse; Sociobiology and Art. Special issues have explored the legacies of Ralph Ellison, Cervantes, Montaigne, Jane Austen, and Raymond Carver.

Arts & Letters Daily readers are drawn to honest debate and a diversity of intellectual opinion - the very qualities we try to present in every issue of Philosophy and Literature. We are very excited about the superb work we have lined up for the journal, and we hope Arts & Letters Daily readers will want to take advantage of it.

With our best wishes,

Denis Dutton and Garry Hagberg

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“Philosophy and Literature is both solidly reasonable and boldly innovative, and its literary quality is of a consistently high order. By my lights, it is at the present time the best literary journal around.”

—Joseph Carroll
University of Missouri, St. Louis

“Philosophy and Literature is consistently serious, humane, thoughtful, and lively. Its name only begins to suggest the range of fields on which it sheds welcome illumination.”

—Frederick Crews

“Philosophy and Literature is unique in the current academic scene. It insists on clear, even elegant, prose; it manifests a miraculous independence of mind; and it releases an intellectual energy that invigorates readers from issue to issue, year after year.”

—Ihab Hassan

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