In Other Words


Philosophy and Literature editor Garry Hagberg talks about the groundbreaking journal and the types of scholarship it regularly features. Hagberg discusses how the journal delves into questions of human motivation, ethical concerns and the power of language.


The Reverend Dr. Timothy J. Wengert, Professor Emeritus at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, shares insights on the Protestant Reformation with the journal Lutheran Quarterly to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the event. The journal will examine the anniversary throughout 2017.

German Studies Association

The German Studies Association announces a new fundraising iniative to celebrate its 40th annual meeting this fall in San Diego.

German Studies Association

A group of scholars in the western United States got together 40 years ago to celebrate their shared interest in German studies. Now, the German Studies Association continues to grow in size and influence. An interview with GSA Executive Director David E. Barclay, Ph.D. about the organization's current state.


Journal of Democracy Co-Editor Marc F. Plattner shares his thoughts on the place of the Journal of Democracy in the field as the journal celebrates its 25th volume. Plattner, co-chair of the Research Council of the International Forum for Democratic Studies, serves as co-editor along with Larry Diamond, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. The journal has been a leading voice in the conversation about government by consent and its place in the world. JHU Press publishes the journal for the National Endowment for Democracy. 


Journal of Democracy Co-Editor Marc F. Plattner discusses "Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Arab World," the upcoming book of essays from the journal on developments in the Middle East over the past few years. The book features leading scholars addressing the questions posed by this period of historic change in the Middle East and North Africa.


Late Imperial China co-editor Tobie Meyer-Fong discusses the journal, which is the principal journal for scholars of China's Ming and Qing dynasties. She focuses on several important articles from the recently-published Volume 32, Issue 1 on gender and medical history. The journal is the official publication of the Society for Qing Studies.

Callaloo 38.4

Callaloo editor Charles Henry Rowell is profiled on PBS NewsHour about the journal and an upcoming collection of art to be published by JHUP. Callaloo publishes original work by and about writers and visual artists of African descent worldwide. Rowell founded the journal in 1976 and has led it ever since. 


Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research editors James Dubois and Ana Iltis discuss the journal's mission through the example of a recent issue on living organ donation. The collection of stories represent the experiences of liver and kidney donors; donors whose organ was successfully and unsuccessfully transplanted into a recipient; related and unrelated donors; and donors who had overwhelmingly positive experiences, mixed experiences, and negative experiences.


ATHE Vice President Mark Lococo talks about the 2012 annual conference in Washington D.C. and its importance to the association's mission. JHUP publishes Theatre Journal and Theatre Topics, the association's two journals. 


Editor S. Darius Tandon talks about research from the journal Progress in Community Health Partnerships, a groundbreaking publication in the area of Community Based Participatory Research. The first scholarly journal dedicated to CBPR, PCHP is a must for public health professionals and the libraries that serve them.


Photographer and Johns Hopkins University faculty member Phyllis A. Berger discusses her photos from Ireland and Brittany which appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of The Hopkins Review. Learn about the process she uses to identify landscapes for her photos and the work she puts in editing the final product.


Editor Sarah Banet-Weiser discusses the newest special issue from American Quarterly. "Sound Clash: Listening to American Studies" was released in September 2011. Kara Keeling and Josh Kun served as guest editors for the issue, which examined the impact various types of sound have on American culture. The journal's web site features a Beyond the Page section with supplementary content associated with several articles.