Publication Ethics

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement

JHUP Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement can be found here.

Peer Review Policy

Submissions to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal should be original, unpublished works that are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Editor-in-Chief does an initial review, in order to determine the suitability of a submission to the journal and its basic professional quality, and thereby chooses which papers to send out for full review. The full review process is double anonymized. Papers are generally reviewed by two referees. The journal is looking for papers that are both practically engaged and conceptually rich major contributions to philosophical ethics broadly construed. We prefer papers that address current pressing ethical and political issues, and that are situated in the philosophical literature. Papers that address topics directly relevant to a vulnerable or marginalized group must cite and engage with the relevant scholarship by members of that group, if such scholarship exists. While we encourage interdisciplinary engagement, we do not publish papers that are primarily reports on an empirical study. Papers that are given a “revise and resubmit” decision are reviewed anew upon resubmission, sometimes by the original referees and sometimes by new referees, depending on context. The review process generally takes about two months for papers that are sent out to referees.