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DAS peer review

Founded in 1882,Dante Studiesis the official journal of the Dante Society of America and the premier journal devoted to Dante in the English-speaking world. Published annually and peer-reviewed, the journal features engaging and fresh scholarship relating to Dante’s life, work, and continued cultural relevance. Open to all methodological approaches, Dante Studies is a global, multidisciplinary tool for research and reflection.

Dante Studies accepts original submissions in English or Italian on subjects connected with Dante's life, works, influence, and critical reception. All methodological and theoretical approaches are welcomed. Desired length is 7,000–10,000 words. Dante Studiesdoes not consider book reviews or translations of articles previously published in other languages. Shorter submissions may be recommended for web publication in Dante Notes, the Dante Society of America’s web space featuring current research and pedagogy projects related to Dante. 

Dante Studiesfollows a policy of double-blind review of all submissions. If determined appropriate by the editor and editorial board, submissions will be sent out for peer review. The peer review process is normally completed within four to six week of receipt. The editorial board will then determine whether articles will be accepted, accepted with minor revisions, recommended for revision and resubmission, or rejected. Authors invited to revise and resubmit articles will be provided with a selection of anonymized feedback from peer reviewers and the journal editor, with details for the timeline to resubmit (depending on publication schedule). The revised and resubmitted article will again be sent to peer reviewers (one or both of the original readers) and reviewed in four to six weeks. Authors of accepted articles will work with the editor to address comments from reviewers and be paired with a copy editor to finalize the article prior to publication. Submissions accepted for publication are normally published within the same year.