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Muster Roll of Eleventh Virginia Cavalry (Laurel Brigade), Army of Northern Virginia

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Company I

Capt. M. M. Ball, wounded.
Lieut. William H. Kirby, killed.
Lieut. Alfred Moore, severely wounded; dead.
Lieut. William H. Reid, dead.
Alexander, B.
Alexander, D.
Ball, Charles H., severely wounded prior to 1864; returned and served to Appomattox; 1711 Oxford St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Ball, John H., killed at Jeffersonton.
Ball, John T., wounded; Washington, D.C.
Ball, Lewin T., Lewinsville, Va.
Ball, M. M., wounded; captain at close of war.
Ball, Summerfield, killed 1864, Nances Shop.
Ball, William S., wounded on November 12th, 1864; United States Treasurer's Office, Washington, D.C.
Ball, William W., dead.
Bell, B. A.
Bell, G. H.
Billings, Edward.
Billings, William, severely wounded on raid in West Virginia.
Burke, T. T.
Butler, W. B.
Carrigan, J. P.
Catlett, H. C.
Cleveland, H. C.
Cashman, T.
Clump, John, wounded.
Cockrell, Seth, wounded on October 7th, 1864.
Cooksey, J. W.
Cooney, Patrick, wounded in cattle raid in 1864.
Dodd, Markus.
Donatini, L. G., died in service.
Ester, -----
Everson, Doyle.
Fairfax, John.
Fenton, J. B.
Ford, W. E.
Grigsby, P. C.
Grigsby, T. M., not with company after capture in Alexandria.
Gheen, G.
Harding, G.
Harrison, George H.
Heath, J. B., did not return after capture in Alexandria.
Hughes, John T.
Hughes, L. T.
Hughes, D.
Jefferies, Richard, dead.
Kirby, Asbury, wounded; Falls Church, Va.
Kirby, George F., wounded; dead.
McCartney, wounded.
McClannahan, John.
McClung, -----
McCorkle, -----
Morter, -----
Nelson, James W., killed.
Nelson, Joseph, died in service.
Perry, Alex, Conway, Fla.
Ratcliffe, C. W., did not return after capture in Alexandria.
Raid, E. C., wounded; Washington, D.C.
Ritenour, David.
Gutler, G. W.
Smith, A. M.
Smith, F. M.
Saunders, Plunk.
Stalcup, Joshua, dead.
Speaks, J. H., did not return after capture in Alexandria.
Summers, -----
Thompson, Joseph, wounded in arm and breast; Ash Grove, Va.
Taylor, John S.
Toole, Patrick.
Toole, John.
Utterback, William H., severely wounded.
Ward, Joseph.
Williams, R., died in service.
Winn, John, killed.