Historical accounts are only as good as the primary sources on which they are based. As one of the first modern media masters, Washington crafted his thoughts in words and pictures. Without pictures and the original layout of the words, readers miss both the aura of the intent and the original work. Booker T. Washington Rediscovered extends the known works, offers a thematic context for his writings, reproduces them in their original format as readers first encountered them, clarifies that he changed his mind on many subjects, and reminds the researcher that sources survive or gain importance for complex reasons. Our book begins in a printed format but extends into a digital component at this website. As a conceptual matter, this book is being published during a period of revolutionary change in how the written word is communicated. We hope that in this book and its corresponding website, researchers will find material to consider both the strengths and the limitations of the multiple ways of encountering text.

Teaching Exercises

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