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Civil War Featured Publications:

Cotton Plantation South since the Civil War, by Charles S. Aiken

Maryland, A Middle Temperament, by Robert J. Brugger

Abraham Lincoln: A Life, 2-volume set, by Michael Burlingame

Faces of the Civil War, by Ronald S. Coddington

Faces of the Confederacy, by Ronald S. Coddington

The Making of Robert E. Lee, by Michael Fellman

Hunting and Fishing in the New South, by Scott E. Giltner

Military Ballooning during the Early Civil War, by F. Stansbury Haydon

The Caning of Charles Sumner, by Williamjames Hull Hoffer

Gustavus Vasa Fox of the Union Navy, by Ari Hoogenboom

Killing Ground, by John Huddleston

Intensely Human, by Margaret Humphreys

Testament to Union, by Kathryn Allamong Jacob

Coolies and Cane, by Moon-Ho Jung

Mennonites, Amish, and the American Civil War, by James O. Lehman and Steven M. Nolt

Moralists and Modernizers, by Steven Mintz

Maryland Voices of the Civil War, by Charles W. Mitchell

Victory of Law, by Deak Nabers

New Orleans after the Civil War, by Justin A. Nystrom

Civil War Ironclads, by William H. Roberts

The Fragile Fabric of Union, by Brian Schoen

A House Divided, by Richard H. Sewell

Beyond Party, by Mark Voss-Hubbard

Challenging Slavery in the Chesapeake, by T. Stephen Whitman

The Business of Civil War, by Mark R. Wilson


2010 Press Favorites:

The Orioles Encyclopedia: A Half Century of History and Highlights, by Mike Gesker

Flotilla: The Patuxent Naval Campaign in the War of 1812, by Donald G. Shomette

The Back Book, by Ziya L. Gokaslan, M.D., and Lee Hunter Riley III, M.D.

The Baltimore Elite Giants, by Bob Luke

Dining on the B&O: Recipes and Sidelights from a Bygone Era, by Thomas J. Greco and Karl D. Spence (Published in association with the B&O Railroad Museum)

Turtles: The Animal Answer Guide, by Whit Gibbons and Judy Greene

Combat Correspondents: The Baltimore Sun in World War II, by Joseph R. L. Sterne* (Published by the Maryland Historical Society)

Johns Hopkins: A Silhouette, by Helen Hopkins Thom

Bolton Hill: Classic Baltimore Neighborhood, by Frank R. Shivers, Jr.

Getting What We Deserve: Health and Medical Care in America, by Alfred Sommer, M.D., M.H.S.

Lighter than Air: An Illustrated History of Balloons and Airships, by Tom D. Crouch

Froth! The Science of Beer, by Mark Denny

Abraham Lincoln: A Life, 2 volume set, by Michael Burlingame

Charles Darwin: The Concise Story of an Extraordinary Man, by Tim M. Berra

Fixing Global Finance, by Martin Wolf

The Nanticoke: Portrait of a Chesapeake River, by Tom Horton* and Dave Harp

The Colts’ Baltimore: A City and Its Love Affair in the 1950s, by Michael Olesker

Mary Elizabeth Garrett: Society and Philanthropy in the Gilded Age, by Kathleen Waters Sander

Here Lies Jim Crow: Civil Rights in Maryland, by Fraser Smith

Homewood House, by Cindy Kelly and Catherine Rogers Arthur

Maryland Voices of the Civil War, by Charles W. Mitchell

Jewish Baltimore, by Gilbert Sandler

Small Town Baltimore, by Gilbert Sandler

Managing the President’s Message, by Martha Joynt Kumar

Hiking, Cycling, and Canoeing in Maryland, 2nd ed., by Bryan MacKay

Baltimore Trails, 2nd ed., by Bryan MacKay

Lacrosse: Technique and Tradition, by Dave Pietramala and Neil Grauer

Baltimore Harbor: A Pictorial History, third edition, by Robert Keith

Walking in Baltimore, by Frank Shivers

Maryland Wits and Baltimore Bards, by Frank Shivers

Shipwrecks, Sea Raiders, and Maritime Disasters along the Delmarva Coast, 1632–2004, by Donald G. Shomette

Greetings from Baltimore, by Bert Smith