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Submission Guidelines

Please Note:
We do not consider uninvited submissions in fiction and poetry. We do not normally publish festschriften, memoirs, conference proceedings, or unrevised doctoral dissertations.

What to Submit:
Authors wishing to present a proposal should write to the editorial department with a brief prospectus, including a description of the work and its intended audience, table of contents, introduction or sample chapter, expected length and number of illustrations, information on the schedule for completion of the manuscript, and a brief curriculum vitae. Complete manuscripts should not be sent unless invited.

Acquisitions Editors:

Gregory M. Britton, Editorial Director
also acquires in Higher Education)

Jacqueline C. Wehmueller, Executive Editor
Consumer Health, Psychology and Psychiatry, and History of Medicine

Vincent J. Burke, Executive Editor
Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics

Robert J. Brugger, Senior Acquisitions Editor
American History, American Studies, History of Technology, and Regional Books

Matthew McAdam, Editor
Classics, Humanities, and Literary Studies

Kelley Squazzo, Editor
Public Health

Suzanne Flinchbaugh, Associate Editor
Political Science, Health Policy, and Co-Publishing Liaison

Sara Cleary, Assistant Editor
Anabaptist and Pietist Studies