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JHU Press Faculty Editorial Board

Prof. Angus Burgin
Department of History

Prof. Carlos Castillo-Salgado
Department of Epidemiology

Prof. Christopher Celenza
Vice Dean Humanities & Social Sciences, Chair Classics; Charles Homer Haskins Professor

Prof. Lawrence J. Cheskin
Department of Medicine & Gastroenterology

Prof. Margaret S. Chisolm
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Prof. Toby Ditz
Department of History

Prof. Jeremy Greene
Department of History of Medicine

Prof. Earle A. Havens
Department of Scholarly Resources & Special Collections

Prof. Naveeda Khan
Department of Anthropology

Prof. Jonathan Perry
Center for Functional Anatomy & Evolution

Prof. Hollis Robbins
Peabody Conservatory

Prof. Mark C. Thompson
Department of English

Sr. Advisor

Prof. Richard Macksey
Department of Humanities


Robert C. Lieberman
Provost & Sr. VP of Academic Affairs

Kathleen Keane
Director, Johns Hopkins University Press